Saturday, 21 April 2012

Swatches: Color Club Take Wing Collection for Summer 2012 + Review

Hello Everyone!

Last week when I went shopping, I found an unexpected surprise.  I was supposed to be shopping for swaps and co-workers.  But, look what asked to come home with me!

Color Club Take Wing Collection

Shopping for Color Club here in Canada is a bit hit or miss.  I can never be sure new collections are going to show up or how much I'll find them for.  Often, I can get the sets from previous collections on sale at Winner's.  I think this is maybe how it is at Ross in the US?  Anyway. finding a brand new collection was a very pleasant surprise.

I swatched them all up, so here we go...

Wing Fling

Wing Fling is a gorgeous pink glass-fleck shimmer.  The flecks flash magenta.  It's a stunning, vibrant pink.  There was still some VNL after 2 coats.

Sparkle and Soar
Sparkle and Soar is an orange glass-fleck shimmer.  The fleck in this was quite a yellow-y gold.  Another stunner but again VNL after 2 coats.

Daisy Does It

Daisy Does It is a bright yellow glass-fleck shimmer.  The fleck in this one is not contrasting and is also a bright yellow.  A LOT of VNL after 2 coats.

Fly With Me

Fly With Me is a lime green glass-fleck shimmer.  The fleck in this was quite yellow.  I really liked this shade.  Still some VNL after 2 coats.


Metamorphosis is a turquoise glass-fleck shimmer.  The fleck in this was a lighter turquoise and seemed more prominent than in some of the others.  Another stunning shade.  Although some VNL is still visible in these photos after 2 coats, in person there was none.

Sky High

Sky High is a blue glass-fleck shimmer.  The fleck in this was magenta and blue.  Another amazing colour and NO VNL after 2 coats! =)

Overall I thought these were all gorgeous colours.  Perhaps not the most original shades but stunning nonetheless.  Application on all was smooth and easy.  After 2 coats, as you saw, most still had visible nail line.  I don't mind that as much as some so I would have been willing to wear all these except the yellow after 2 coats.

In general anyone willing to go 3 coats or wear some underwear would be fine.  They were all very shimmery so I think 1 coat over underwear would work great.  I wanted to mention, when I first bought these and brought them home, I was wearing red nail polish.  For fun I put some of the blue, Sky High over it.  It really made a gorgeous purple shade and brought out the magenta flecks in the blue.  I, of course, didn't think to get a picture of it.

Well, that is my first collection of swatches.  What did you think?  Are you going to be looking for this set or picking up any of the individual shades?


  1. Lovely swatches. I like wing fling and metamorphosis. I wonder if these would look cool over black.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure the would. I might have to give that a try. If the blue over red that I tried (but didn't photograph!!) is any indication, these might be great layering polishes.

  2. I absolutely love the shinyness of these polishes, they look so great.
    I'd pick up the blue and the green - and possibly the first one, the red. The other three would probably just sit in my stash and wait :D

    1. I think the blue and both greens were my favourites too! =)

      I,m wearing the teal and the shimmer looks on fire in some low lighting. Awesome!

  3. All colors are sweet. But light green is so great. I follow you. Visit my blog its all about nails,and follow me bck if you like it :)

  4. Nice colours, especially the green on the right is very unusual. I hope you can visit my blog too.

    1. The tealish green? That's the one that I wore to work the next day. =)

  5. My favorite is Metamorphosis! Thanks for swatching!

  6. Love the swatches! All the colors are really pretty. Wing Fling and Sparkle and Soar are my favorites. :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you! =) They are really gorgeous polishes aren't they?


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