Saturday, 14 April 2012


Hello Everyone!

I decided not to do the GNR tribute nails for obvious reasons but I did still have the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame on the brain so I went with this...

It's Orly - Rock-It.  It's a gorgeous colour that looks especially lovely in the bottle.  I didn't capture it well but the bottle is a gorgeous wine-ish colour with lots of gold and pink tones in there.  On the nail they combine to make a gorgeous polish with lots of the gold and pinkish shimmer catching the light.  I wouldn't really call this a Spring polish but it is still beautiful at any time of the year.

I did some polish shopping today.  I was trying to limit myself but I did find an unexpected surprise that I did pick up but I was buying a lot for other people.  Swaps and girls at work.  I think they'll all be pleased! =)

I'll probably post what I got tomorrow. Plus I've still got some giveaway winnings to show you!

Til next time,
Amanda =)


  1. It's amazing how different this polish looks on you and me. :)

    I've been doing some shopping too - and since I was online shopping anyway, I've ordered something for you to, which I expect will shop up during next week.
    I'm sure you're gonna love it!! :) :D


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