Friday, 17 February 2012


I've been very generously awarded some awards!  Thank you to all the lovely people that nominated me.  It's been an awesome journey so far and I hope will continue to be for a long time.

Giveaways Tab!

I'm hosting a giveaway! Closes 5/02/12 at 12:01 am EST

Varnished Valkyrie is hosting a great giveaway!  Several gorgeous polishes including Chanel - Peridot.  It closes May 9th at 12am EST.  Enter Now!


Arfblat is hosting a giveaway on her blog, Splat!  Jellies and glittahs for sammiches!

Nails by Diana has reached 60 followers and Diana's celebrating by giving away a bunch of polishes!

Holly at Holly and Polish is giving away the China Glaze Prismatics collection!

Thursday, 16 February 2012


This is my nail polish stash.

I'm keeping track of all that I own to try to help myself to avoid buying repeats.  It has happened several times.  Also, I thought this list might help for friends and family come Birthday and Christmas time.
I don't know whether to list them by collection or by alphabetical but I think I'll go by alphabet.


This will include some long time lemmings as well as current collections that I have yet to find/purchase.
I'm only just starting to write down everything I want so although there are a bazillion things, only a few are reflected here yet.
Butter London
Disco Biscuit
The Black Knight
Tart with a Heart
China Glaze
Wagon Trail (Really the whole Rodeo Diva Collex)
Any OMG Polish
Strawberry Fields
Sea Spray
Electric Beat
108 Degress
Blue Iguana
Senorita Bonita
Carribean Temptation
Full Spectrum
Liquid Crystal
Optical Illusion

Deborah Lippman
Across the Universe
Lady Sings the Blues
Bad Romance

model's own
Indian Ocean
Copper Pot
Tropical Sunset

Probably lots more

DS Extravagance
DS Reflection
DS Mystery
DS Mystery
I Lily Love You


This is my new nail blog.

I'm going to be documenting all of my manicures so that I have a record of the art and colours I've used and done.  I would like to keep track of my progress.

I think I'll also keep track of hauls and nail mail.

Mostly I expect this blog to be for my own use. Archiving and recording.

However, if anyone enjoys reading my adventures in nail land, welcome!


PS- The first few posts will be some housekeeping.  Wishlists and stash posts etc.