Friday, 13 April 2012

Red Hot Mama

Post title is because I heard Nazareth - Hair of the Dog on the radio.  But, it is appropriate!

Today I'm going to do a little something different.  I'm just going to post a swatch!  I don't think I've ever done that before.  I had planned to add some nail art to it but events this week regarding the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame leaves me wondering if I should bother with what I had planned.

I've been wearing these plain for the last 2 days in the meantime. (Does anyone remember that great song from the 90s called In The Meantime?  It was by Spacehog.  They were basically one hit wonders but the lead singer did get to marry Liv Tyler.  Ok. /tangent) The pictures, however, are from when I first painted them.

Sometimes a colour is just enough!  These are a gorgeous deep red.  I love them even more in person.  The colour is China Glaze - Salsa which I believe is part of their core line.  So it should be easily available!

I had planned on putting some nail art on here honouring Guns N' Roses being inducted into the hall of fame.  After Axl Rose's shenanigans this week, I'm not sure I should bother.  They were my absolute favourite band when I was a kid and I had wanted to recapture that love for a moment.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping and it is somewhat guilt-free.  A couple of the girls from work want some nail stuff so I get to look at and buy polishes without the expense.  Plus, I'm buying polishes for 2 swaps, so surely those purchases don't count either.  Right?

Plus, I received 2 giveaway wins in the last couple days so I'll post swatches and pics over the weekend.

Hope you are all looking forward to a great weekend.
'Til next time,

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  1. There's nothing like a rich red and "Red hot mama" is totally appropriate! It's beautiful. It reminds me a little bit of Orly's Candy Cane Lane. :)

    1. I was looking at Candy Cane Lane today while shopping and put it back exactly for this reason! =)


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