Monday, 9 April 2012

Shopping Haul (Very Pic Heavy!)

Hello Everyone!

My friend Sharon and I recently went shopping in the next city over.  I hit up several stores while I was there and picked up 16 polishes.

First, we hit Shoppers.  I picked up Gosh - Miss Mole and Gosh - Midnight Blue from the discount bin.

Gosh - Miss Mole
Gosh - Midnight Blue

Lots more after the jump.

Then we hit Winner's.  They've always got different stuff and you need to snatch it when you see it because it'll never be there again.  Last time I hauled a huge amount of Color Club.  This time the had a bunch of Orly.  In my part of Canada, I almost never see Orly in any stores or salons so I had to get a few.  I hummed and hawed a lot but I settled on these...

They weren't priced nearly as well as the Color Club and I probably bought more than I should but I always feel pressure in that store because the next time I come they'll be gone for good.  So I bought: 

nubar - Elegant Indigo

Orly - Rock-It
Orly - Rock the World

Orly - Rock Solid

Orly - Emberstone

Orly - Rococo A-Go-Go
Lastly, we hit Icing!  I was on the lookout for some neon glitters I'd seen in on a post on Libby's Pink Vanity and Radio Super Star that I'd seen on arfblat's blog, splat.  Thanks to their buy 1 get 50% off deal, I walked away with 8 polishes!

Icing - Funky Femme
Icing - What Planet Are You On
Icing - Hit the Lights
Icing - Lemme See Your Peacock
Icing - Glitterati
Icing - Birthday Beyotch
Icing - Radio Super Star
Icing - Written in the Stars

So, that's it!  I actually bought these Monday, March 26th.  I haven't bought a single polish since then.  I'm so proud of myself.  I do have one other massive haul to show you.  I ordered it March 17th but it only just came this week.  I went a little crazy in March, hence the no polishes for two weeks and no end to the no-buy in sight.

Anyway, hope you like a few of these!  I'll be doing some swatches later in the week and I used the Icing - Lemme See Your Peacock in the glitter gradient here. 

'Til next time!

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  1. I want those glitters!! DROOL!!

    Argh, I want to live in the US!

    1. I don't get to that store very often, but I'd be happy to pick some up for you next time if you'd like to do a swap?

    2. I'd absolutely love to do a swap!! :)
      I looked for your email, but couldn't see it, but please feel free to email me, and we'll figure something out. I'm
      Thanks again. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I had a great time picking them all out.

  3. I love those Icing neon glitters! I'm also deep into a no buy with no end in sight but I'll add them to my wish list.

    1. They are fab! and even more vibrant in person! =) Thanks Erin.


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